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The true transformational potential of new therapeutic options for HCPs and patients may not be realized because of limited supporting evidence, or measurement against limited, traditional endpoints. To bring a transformational product to market, we must first transform how we plan evidence generation, and how we collaborate and engage with our stakeholders. Chris Grey discusses the need to collaboration and role of effective, early planning.

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About Chris and AiHC:

Chris Gray, President Innovation, Engagement and Ventures, for Adelphi’s Healthcare Communications agencies and is a member of the Adelphi Group Board.

Chris has been centrally involved in the development of Adelphi’s Renaissance meeting series and has also been supporting an Adelphi initiative to explore the role of purpose in healthcare companies.

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If you’re wanting to identify, demonstrate, and communicate the transformational value of your therapy, consult with Adelphi’s truly multidisciplinary team.

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