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I lead a new team across our medical communications agencies that brings greater precision and impact to the way companies engage with healthcare to achieve better outcomes. The team combines insight, creative, digital and behavioural skills to design initiatives that deliver real value for our clients, healthcare professionals and ultimately patients.

– Chris Gray, President Innovation, Engagement and Ventures, AiHC

I lead projects focussed on the development, validation and implementation of patient-reported outcomes (PRO), Clinician-Reported Outcome (ClinRO) and Observer-Reported Outcome (ObsRO) instruments for clients in the pharmaceutical industry

– Rob Arbuckle, UK Managing Director, Patient-Centered Outcomes, Adelphi Values

My current role within Adelphi Values PROVE (Payer, Reimbursement, Outcomes, Value, Evidence) includes leading insight and value demonstration projects which optimise market access for new products and treatments

– Louise Heron , Senior Director and Deputy MD at Adelphi Values

Head of Innovation, and leading the secondary data RWE team at Adelphi, delivering observational studies to demonstrate pharmaceutical product value.

– Tim Holbrook, Director, Head of Innovation, at Adelphi Real World

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